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Hi, my name is Pat.

I've been working in the floor industry for more than 25 years. I first started as a helper for a carpet and vinyl installer, back in 1991. After a few years as a helper, I became very familliar with carpet and vinyl and slowly saved my money to buy my own truck and tools.

Eventually, I began to install carpet and vinyl myself as an installer for a few different stores. I also did carpet repairs in my spare time. After many years as an installer, my old body was getting tired of the hard work of installation and it was getting harder to find a good helper and keep him working.

So I then decided to go full time into carpet repairs, where I can do the work myself without the need of a helper, and the labor it's self is not as demanding, as it is with installations.

At first in the begining, I would advertise in the classifieds, mailing coupons and the yellowpages. But as technology grew, people began to turn more towards the internet for information. Which prompted me to build my website.

I'm also listed with Home Advisor and

I take pride in all the work I do, and your satisfaction is always guranteed.

If you don't like the repair... you don't have to's that simple.

If you have any need for carpet repair or if you have ripples in your carpet that need a good power stretch, please give me a call.